Client Accounts

We have two types of client account

CYW Client

Consultant Client

  • Contracted direct with CYW
  • Access all services
  • Receive reports on your compliance posture digitally
  • Contracted to one of our Consultants
  • Access all services
  • Receive reports on your compliance posture digitally

From the client’s perspective, there is no difference to how they utilise our services. If they work with a local compliance consultant but would prefer to digitise their compliance processes and benefit form our software savings, they need to encourage the consultant to join us. We will then ensure they are placed in the consultant’s account and they will be able to access services just the same as if they came to us direct. 


Record all your compliance activities digitally and provide Regulator access to your records.

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Client types


Casinos are frequently used to transfer value across borders or clean money from cash to electronic payment or cheque. Casino operators come to us to identify there customers through photographs on documents, or via our KYC checks. They also come to us to recommend consultants from our network to help them build an AML/CTF program. 

High Value Dealers

With illicit money easily transferred through wealthy purchases of jewelry, precious metals, vehicles, planes and boats it is important dealers know who they are transacting with. We help them identify the customer and provide them with a record of the checks they conducted. 

Real Estate

Real Estate is vulnerable to money laundering because the value of property is speculative and can be altered. This helps criminals move value through property by manipulating the buy and sell price of the property – to clean their money. We help real estate agents identify the customer and ensure the transactions are clean. We also ensure their AML/CTF program meets international standards.


With Antiques transacted globally for huge value, it is an attractive market for criminals to move asset and value across borders. We help the large antiques houses and auctioneers to identify their customers and keep records of their checks. We also help them put AML/CTF programs in place and record everything through encrypted format digitally. This keeps them on the right side of the law. 

Hedge Funds

With a spot light on Hedge fund activities it is important they are administered prudently. We help the administrators set up funds to exceed the regulator standards and keep them operating within international and  jurisdictional rules.