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We’re buying in services in bulk so you benefit from our economies of scale. Whether it is KYC, Audit or a Risk Assesment, do it from the beach, the park or your living room. Work from anywhere and provide your clients access to their reports online. 

Business Offer Development

World Class Business Services – You deliver remotely.


Get live ID and document verification through our AI powered facial recognition technology.


Validate your customers with due diligence that creates a global record – complete due diligence once in the entire network. Powered by AI. Sell checks to Casinos, High value dealers and more.


Access a network CRM, store your leads, prospects and accounts. Get more business through the system and the network.

Audit – Assess

Provide Digital Audits and Risk Assessments. Give your clients online access and provide them with peace of mind.


Access an online learning platform – upload your own courses and sell them to the network or your own clients, full training records kept digitally.


Use a VOIP powered call centre to take your calls and auto load them to the CRM. Set up phone or email marketing campaigns to secure more clients.


Investigate breaches of a client’s policies and report your findings. Investigate whistle-blowing claims, fraud, embezzlement and more.


Digitally report FATCA and CRS and keep records of all documents and filings for the regulator, a client or your access – all encrypted.


Encrypt your emails, files and get a free encrypted messenger and whistle-blowing platform. Sell to your clients for commission.


Get unfettered access to complete your compliance work in the offshore jurisdictions – The Cayman Islands transacts $1.7 trillion every year.


Utilise our legally binding digital contracts to secure your clients from the comfort of your armchair.


Learn from others by asking questions in the portal or help others by answering a query – it’s networking only better.

Join today – 50% off the sign up fee – but this reduction is diminishing as we move to launch date. Services are coming online now.

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